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Iron Kid Ministries maintains a scholarship fund to provide opportunities for children with hardships to participate in enrichment or extracurricular programs offered through their school or the community. Scholarships may  be requested from school officials (Principals, Teachers, Directors, Counselors), and are granted based on available funds. In an effort to impact as many children as possible, we look for opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations to provide funding through in-school programs, camps and other child related groups and organizations. Scholarships and grants are provided on a funds available basis and applications may be submitted during one of our Open Application Periods.

Open Application Periods:

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My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was just 2 years old. I am now 5 and my mom died just over a year ago. I have been very lucky that my aunt and uncle have been raising me but I know it hasn't been easy. I am so glad that through Iron Kid Ministries I have been provided the opportunity to take dance classes. It provides me an outlet and plus my mom loved to dance!


I am 7yrs old and my parents just went through a rough divorce. My grandma takes care of me a lot of the time. She doesn't have much but she does everything she can for me. I am so grateful to have a scholarship from Iron Kid Ministries that allows me to play soccer. My coach has had such a positive impact on me during this difficult time. 


My 6 year old brother was diagnosed with cancer 11 months ago. It has been very tough on our family. I like doing karate but I almost had to stop going because we needed money to help my brother. Thankfully IKM offered to pay for my karate while my brother was going through treatment. I am so happy I get to continue karate.


My Dad was injured in an accident and is now paralyzed. It has been mentally and physically tough on our family, but having the opportunity to play sports has made a huge difference for me.

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